The Faces, The Places...
Through the Lens of Photographer Valery Ostrovsky

Valery Ostrovsky was born in Kharkov, Ukraine (FSU) in 1956 to parents who grew up in the years of turmoil within the Soviet Union. Valery and his wife, Irina, who was born in Western Siberia, made aliyah in the early 90s with their son, Aviram Georgy, who is now 18. Their 14-year-old daughter, Varya, is sabra (a native born Israeli). The family lives in the Samaritan community of Ariel.

My father educated me in art and art history, so I was able to pick up rudimentary elements of composition, color, balance, and perspective at an early age. Attending lectures on the history of art by guest speakers from Moscow and Leningrad furthered Valery's intrigue with the techniques of photography.

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